Hey! I’m Melissa Oziel and I am a registered speech-language pathologist with a Masters of Science from Columbia University in New York City. I am your language and executive function coach and thrive on creating programs that build independence. I am bilingually certified and have worked extensively with hundreds of families, conducting assessments and treatment procedures to culturally diverse communities. The vision of SLAT is to ensure collaboration, competence and an overall holistic view of each and every client. The clients are of utmost importance, and together with the client and their families, we, at SLAT, strive to build a love of communication.

But… I am not only a boss-lady, or clinical speech-language pathologist. I am a mom of four children who inspire my work greatly. Each, with their own personalities, characteristics, and set of challenges, I am able to use the knowledge and experience that I have gained from my clients, as well as my family to ensure the success of every client.

From one parent to another, you can depend on me to create a strong collaborative partnership, which expects ownership, open communication and a little tough love. This will empower our children to reach their goals. Let us build strong, fearless children, who see their differences as gifts.


We, at The Speech & Language Associates of Toronto believe that communication is the door into a life of happiness and security. We strive to build a love of communication for all of our clients, so they can ultimately achieve everything they wish for.

We support families, collaboratively in different areas of growth and development. We offer easy access to home and school based speech and language services in the Greater Toronto Area and have serviced many wonderful international families, virtually.

Our licensed therapists collaborate with family and team members to provide the best treatment solutions for each individual client. Our focus on research-based practice has given rise to years of experience working with children with various Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Executive Functioning challenges, Global Developmental Delay, and other developmental disabilities. Bilingual clients have the opportunity to be serviced by a bilingually certified therapist, ensuring the most effective and goal directed therapy.

Our Promise is Simple!

  • High quality care

  • Client-centered treatment

  • Individualized, evidence- based programming

  • Open communication, consultation and collaboration


Our Goals:

…Decrease stress and the daily power struggles by empowering every family member

…Build confidence by learning the executive function skills needed to improve daily functioning

…Teach the skills to regulate emotions and impulsivity to ensure a calmer home and child

Trust is the most important aspect of SLAT:  Trust between therapist, client, and parents.

Empower our children, to not fear failure, but to embrace challenges and rise.

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